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disclaimer: many of these have drawbacks, some glaringly obvious, but I hope these imagined futures spark your imagination and creativity

Pagerank for “Expert Opinion” — Brian Chesky said in this interview with Reid Hoffman, that the key to being an infinite learner is…

Loved this image from the Whole Cell Sim paper. Shows the simulation of DNA/RNA polymerase acting on a section of the genome through time.

This update covers Monday 05/31 and 06/01

My Notes

SynBioBeta Biobattery (made of DNA) story

Whole cell mycoplasma simulation paper

Protein Dreaming paper

ICLR Paper that examines how to interpret BERT attention when applied to DNA sequence modeling

This update covers about 5 of the last 7 days. I spent a bulk of my time looking at the timeline of the field’s development and what people’s hopes are for the future roadmap for biotechnology. I also spent a few days writing up some plans on how a company…

My goal before the end of the quarter is to work on some mini-project where I can use some of my new knowledge. Given my cs/ai background, I through modeling biological systems would be a fun thing to work on. My laptop totally died though, so I am still figuring…

Sorry for the brief hiatus, I had a bunch for family stuff since Friday and was pretty busy yesterday (not much textbook progress). I did do some other interesting reading in the time I had though.

Chart displaying all the omic data from iPOP

First, I finally got to checking out the Synder lab! It was really interesting…

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